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I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

I would like to start a movement where ice cream becomes a daily food requirement.  Okay, it could be frozen yogurt, lactose free ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, or any other form of frozen delight yoImageu can find.

My sister told me today, Sunday July 15th 2012 is designated National Ice Cream Day.   I plan on celebrating later today.  I will take a leisurely drive to our favorite ice cream stand.  This ice cream stand set on a corner of a working dairy farm.   There are cows, yes cows, still in the pasture and the children can walk up to the fence and see a real live cow up close and personal.   That includes all the flies, odors, and country ambiance you can take.   It also lets the kids really know where their milk and other dairy products come from originally, not the local grocery store.

It is fun to;

  • go for a simple short Sunday drive on a beautiful summer afternoon
  • stop for an ice cream cone
  • see that there are still live cows and working farms
  • know that ice cream has its own special day.

Thank goodness we don’t have to wait for a special day to have ice cream, and there are still ice cream stands in the country where children and adults alike can actually see real live cows!


What’s On Your Bucket List?

Saturday evening and I am home writing this blog!   What’s that tell you about my social life or life in general.   Actually, my life in a small town is not all that bad.   This evening, our regular group of ladies adjourned to the local pub after the 4 o’clock mass.   We do this most every Saturday evening, but we do vary our destinations among a few favorite hot spots in town.

Tonight’s conversation was about items we have on our bucket list, which I always find fascinating.  It always amazes me that some people don’t have that much on their list, while others would need to live two lifetimes to finish their list.   Pondering this topic I have added 4 new items to my bucket list, why? –I want to!

I added:

  • Take the summer off and drive cross country – stopping when and where I want until I do and see everything I want.    No planned itinerary just meander the back roads of America.
  • I want to go up to Canada and France to do some in depth, hands on research into my families ancestry on my Father’s side; and then to England and Ireland to do the same thing on my Mother’s side of the family.   I can only do just so much on the computer, I really need to get up close and personal to really understand the stories we were never told.
  • I want to write a book and have it published.  It would be my legacy to tell the world that I lived and I don’t want to be forgotten.   It will be my leave behind for the next generations to read and learn about their long forgotten ancestor.  I know when I find snippets of information on an unknown ancestor I find it fascinating.  So I hope that they will also.
  • I want to learn a foreign language that I never did when I was in school.  I think it would be French.  To be able to read and speak French when traveling would be helpful.

Of course, I still have plenty on the list that I am working on but these additions only add some incentive to keep on eliminating and enjoying the bucket list adventures.   Also, there is no bucket list police to say you have to do them in a particular order!   So relax, I am, and enjoy your bucket list items; the large ones and the small ones.   I think I deserve a Hot Fudge Sundae for writing my blog!

Fix Your Own House First!

This morning I checked the front page of the local paper and the headline above the fold said: “Cleaning up the game, Senators seeking tobacco ban for Series”.   This associate press article went on to talk about how say that several senators sent a letter to the players union to ban chewing tobaccos at games and on camera.

Yes, chewing tobacco is a disgusting, dirty, and potentially unhealthy habit.   However I feel that these and all other lawmakers, have far more important issues on their agenda’s that they need to deal with first.  They cannot get members of their party or the other party to agree on some very important issues like health care, economy, budget, and spending limits to mention a few.   Why do they feel that they can convince the NBA players union to do anything voluntarily.

The old saying about people in glass houses should not throw stones, is something the US Senate should bear in mind.   Clean up and finish your own pending business before you start something you cannot finish.   When I hear that social security recipients will receive a raise (first time in a few years) but the cost of medicare and supplemental insurance coverage is going up something is wrong with this picture.

I want my senators to focus on the real issues that are affect me and my neighbors and let the baseball commissioner and players union focus and clean up their own house.

Just my opinion, another frustrated taxpayer looking for my elected representatives to do the job they are elected to do.



How Much is that Dog? Priceless!

A photograph of a German Shepherd Dog

Image via Wikipedia

At a recent networking meeting I was warmly greeted by our wonderful hostesses and Gus a very large, friendly, German Sheppard.  Gus is a retired Seeing Eye dog.    

Gus and our human hostesses, warmly greeted everyone and were very gracious and attentive to all our needs.  Gus circulated the living room and welcomed everyone.  Gus was a perfect gentleman.  He was not intrusive, he simply weaved through the visitors and accepted his pats and ear rubs when given.  Once our meeting began Gus quietly slipped away, I am sure he had to check in on other areas of the house!  However, Gus frequently returned to the living room, stood quietly, looked around to make sure everything was okay, and left. 

We were told about Gus’ background and that Gus lives with one of our hostesses, when not “on duty” at Pond Home.   In addition to Gus, there are 2 cats also in residence.  The cats pretty much stay on the upper floors and Gus stays on the first floor.  As a big an animal lover, I am pleased to see and hear how much these animals mean to the residents of this community.  

It wasn’t too long ago that many senior communities and local elderly housing complexes would not allow animals.  Some of the issues were pets can cause falls,  older people cannot take care of themselves let alone a pet, and they are too messy to have around.   So when our older family members who own and love their pets are deciding to downsize and move it makes deciding more difficult if pets are excluded. 

However there is growing research that indicates that either having their own pet or a pet available to them in their residential community provides many therapeutic physical and emotional benefits for our valued older population.  While researching on the web I found on The Pets for the Elderly Foundation website that ” . . .the benefits to elderly persons are ten-fold (versus non-pet owners).  In the following ways:

1.     Pets lower blood pressure and pulse rate
2.     21% fewer visits to the doctor
3.     Less depression
4.     Easier to make friends (enhanced social opportunities)
5.     Seniors become more active
6.     Pets offer affection and unconditional love
7.     Pets ease loss of a loved one
8.     Pets fight loneliness
9.     Seniors take better care of themselves
10.  Sense of security”

Thankfully, I am seeing more and more care facilities and elderly housing allowing pets or they have a pet in residence for everyone to enjoy.   The benefits to the seniors are well worth the effort to them keep or have a pet.

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