I Scream, We All Scream for Ice Cream!

I would like to start a movement where ice cream becomes a daily food requirement.  Okay, it could be frozen yogurt, lactose free ice cream, sorbet, sherbet, or any other form of frozen delight yoImageu can find.

My sister told me today, Sunday July 15th 2012 is designated National Ice Cream Day.   I plan on celebrating later today.  I will take a leisurely drive to our favorite ice cream stand.  This ice cream stand set on a corner of a working dairy farm.   There are cows, yes cows, still in the pasture and the children can walk up to the fence and see a real live cow up close and personal.   That includes all the flies, odors, and country ambiance you can take.   It also lets the kids really know where their milk and other dairy products come from originally, not the local grocery store.

It is fun to;

  • go for a simple short Sunday drive on a beautiful summer afternoon
  • stop for an ice cream cone
  • see that there are still live cows and working farms
  • know that ice cream has its own special day.

Thank goodness we don’t have to wait for a special day to have ice cream, and there are still ice cream stands in the country where children and adults alike can actually see real live cows!


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  1. I wish we had an ice cream stand like that. Our major ice cream store is local to our state, and their dairy is only a half-hour or so from us. I’ve always wanted to take one of their tours, and now I really want to just to see if they let us sample fresh made ice cream right there. And, I’m glad I’ve still got a few hours to enjoy a bowl of scrumptiousness on the official day!

  2. Rachel Jay on

    Sounds fun! I’m bummed I missed it… but I love your idea of making it a required dietary element. There are so many ways, as you point out, that you could get that in too. If you start a petition, I’d sign it!

    • wittzend on

      I just might do that!

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