Go Fly A Kite!

ImageHas anyone ever told you to, go fly a kite?   Maybe not in those exact words, but the meaning was the same. 

The more I think about that expression, the more I think that flying a kite is a very intricate, precise, and exasperating task.  I feel that it takes a very talented person to, go fly a kite.   You need experience, certain amount of expertise, energy, and stamina.    Not unlike, preparing a home for a move.   I see many similarities.  

There are certain seasons of the year that are better for flying a kite and for making a move from one home to another.   The best seasons are, I am told, in the spring and fall, but summer and winter also work.   In spring and fall the weather is cool with a good possibility that the weather, wind, and breezes are just right to accomplish the tasks at hand.  Whether it is kite flying or moving!

Both these endeavors require the right equipment and or tools.   For kites you need to have a light frame covered with the right material fitted to the frame in order to catch the wind in the right way.   You also need a substantial amount of string, rolled in the right way to easily unwind and wind up, that will assist in maneuvering the kite while airborne for optimal in air flight time.   Also essential is a tail for the kite, with just the right length and weight to assist in take off.

Likewise to prepare for a move, you need the proper materials, tools and equipment.   To pack you should secure the proper size, quality, and quantity of containers for the pieces you need to pack and move.    It is important not to over pack, or stuff, containers.   Putting too many heavy pieces all in one large container will make it impossible to lift and move without hurting yourself or someone else.    Use proper tape and material to protect and seal the cartons.   Utilizing sufficient materials for the items in the container will protect the items from breaking as well as shifting while in transit, and taping the container closed prevents containers from inadvertently opening if tipped or the bottom letting go if it were only folded closed.

It is also important that we have the right space or area as well as the proper time, to either fly a kite or prepare for a move.   The more space the better.   Flying a kite is fun when you can run along an empty stretch of beach or on a playing field.  To do this you need to be aware of time of day as well as the weather.  It is really difficult to fly a kite properly and safely when the beach is crowded with sunbathers and children playing or the playing field is having activities.  So finding the right time and space is important for an enjoyable kite flying adventure.

To make moving easier and less cumbersome, it is best to;

  • Develop a time line and action plan
  • Set aside blocks of time
  • Tackle one room or area at a time
  • Have the proper supplies and materials
  • Have a ‘buddy’ to help you, it is less overwhelming.

Most importantly, for both kite flying and moving, make sure you are traveling light!   On your kite keep the tail properly weighted based on the weather conditions.   With moving, travel light.  Clean and downsize as you go from room to room.   You do not want to be weighed down when you move for 3 reasons;

  1. It is difficult to lift and move the cartons
  2. Depending on how far you are moving, the cost of the move is based on weight
  3. You want to be free of old clutter as you transition to your new home.

Thinking of moving now or in the future, then think about how to go fly a kite and what is required to do that, and apply the same or similar theory to prepping for your move.   With the right breeze and all the other material and techniques necessary to kite flying, you and your kite will fly freely with a safe landing.   Or if you take a short cut, skimp on materials, make things too heavy, plan time and space poorly, you and your kite will quite likely crash or get hung up on avoidable obstacles.   

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