You Do Not Need To Be Moving To Downsize or Declutter

Whenever I give a talk on downsizing and decluttering the first thing I emphasize to the audience that you do not need to be moving to downsize or declutter.   This is the truth!    Maybe, if we downsized and decluttered more frequently then the thought of moving would not be so stressful.

I use the KISS Theory– Keep It Simple Silly!   Do not make this process more complicated and cumbersome than it needs to be.  Start small, keep it simple, and just start!

Let’s get started with a closet – any closet! Here are four steps:

  • Gather your material and allocate dedicated block of time for project. Materials that you will probably need are:
    Trash bags, plastic bins, a labeler, and plastic or fabric storage bags or bins for shelves.
  • Getting started
    1. Set up trash bags and plastic bins.
    2. Empty everything from closet and vacuum
    3. Map closet so you know where things are going – Dresses, suits, blouses, etc.
  • Start sorting the items, ask questions (answer honestly), and only handle the items once-be decisive and make the tough decisions.
    1. Yes or No questions – will you wear/use again, is it out of style, does it fit?
    2. If yes then decide if it goes back in closet or in a plastic bin for next season; if no, then it is either trash, donate, or possibly       consignment.
  • Once the decisions are made – act on them.  Never wait, because then you change your mind or become distracted and the job is not finished.   Do whatever you need to do that day, and then you are truly finished.

These are the same 4 steps you need to do for each and every item in the any closet you have. If there are any items not decided on ask the following questions:

  • When was the last time you saw, used, or needed this item?
  • Do you know what the item is?
  • Does it belong to someone else?

If you don’t know the answer to these questions or others you might come up with, then you do not need the item, so either throw out or donate it.

At the end of your allotted time, you should have a clean, decluttered, and downsized closet. The KISS theory works every time. Never allow stress to be part of the process.


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