Going On Vacation, Make Sure Your Home is Prepared!

If you are going on vacation make sure to prepare your home, because you never know what may happen while you are away.   Even though you fully expect to return home in a few days or so, you never know what can happen.   You could be in an accident, became ill,  or worse; then people will enter your home to get important information and items for you.

Would you be embarrassed to have family, friends, or neighbors rummaging around your home and looking through your belongings?

I am working with a client who a year ago left to spend the holidays with family in the mid west and has not returned home.  Her parents got sick and then the client became deathly ill and can not return to her ‘doll house’ she loves so much.

Throughout the year, she has depended on friends and neighbors to care for the house and send her items that she needed.   Realizing that this cannot continue indefinitely and is looking to sell and move permanently.  To do this she needs to remember all the items she has and decide whether to move or dispose of the items.   This is hard enough when you are on site to visually see and touch the items to make your decisions, but to do this from a distance and not be feeling well makes it much more difficult.

There are strategies that we can all take advantage of with modern technology to inventory our homes, and store this inventory virtually ‘in the cloud’ to be accessed by you or your representatives (if need be) when the time comes.   This would make this particular situation easier and less stressful.   In future blogs I will talk more about this process and why it is so important to have this information available.


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