Almost There!

When you are preparing to start a major project, like downsizing and decluttering, it takes planning and preparations before you start.   You gather all the appropriate
tools, materials, and you line up all the labor and manpower that we might  possibly need.   But even though we think we have thought and planned for all the       ontingencies something usually happens that stalls us, and we need to call for back up.

Like the time when I was on vacation in Costa Rica, and I went zip lining over the Canopy of the Rain Forrest.   I thought this was no problem, I can do  this.   I am not afraid of heights and I am safely strapped in a safety harness what could go wrong?   I was given all the necessary instructions, the do’s and don’ts, and off I went climbing up a mountain path to the first platform.

I was safely in the middle of the pack, so I could observe what was happening and how others were doing.   Everyone was having a great time.  Then my turn came.   I cabled up, and the guides had me back up on the platform to get a running start, and gave me a gentle push off the edge of the platform.   Off I went hanging on for my life!

I cannot remember what the scenery looked like all I can remember was
looking off in the distance for the landing platform.   Then it happened, I stopped!   Within several yards from the platform, and it might as well have been 10 miles.
What was I going to do?   Well, the instruction we were given was lean back and grab the overhead cable and pull yourself, hand over hand, to the landing platform.
Okay, I started that and wasn’t getting any place fast and then panic set in.   Now what!

This is when it is a good idea to have backup.   Julio, one of the guides, came to the
rescue.   Out he came hooked up with me and proceeded to haul me into the landing platform that was wrapped around a huge tree.   I hugged Julio and then the tree.  Then I realized that I had 6 other lines I needed to do before I reached the end of the course.

Getting started was the hardest and as I progressed through the course I relaxed, built my confidence, and started to enjoy myself.   I have always been grateful for the backup.  Without Julio and my panic state, I would have just floundered over the Rain Forrest, eventually I would be pulled myself into the landing platform, but it would not have been easy or very pretty.   That is why, even with the best plan, materials, and equipment you need backups for the “just in case” something happens.

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