Snow Daze!

As a child I really looked forward to having no school because of snow.    However, growing up in an old New England town it really needed to be a huge blizzard before our schools were canceled because of snow.   I cannot tell you how many times I was disappointed to find we were the only town in miles that was going to school on a very snowy day.  

 Even the Boston news media would comment on the fact that our town was the only one having school.  I believe it was a challenge for the towns DPW to plow, salt and sand all the roads because they liked to distinction of having the schools open.   Our town even had a horse-drawn plow for our sidewalks.  Mr. K and his horse would often be photographed plowing all the sidewalks in town.

These days the news media whip up such a frenzy for days before the storm that schools around here were cancelled by 8 o’clock last night, and many businesses and state government agencies were telling their non-essential personnel not to come in.   

Now that I am older snow days are just another day that I am limited on where and when I can leave my house.  The happiness I felt as a child with a Snow Day off, has now changed to a Snow Daze whenever it snows.  I am lucky to live in a condo where I only need to clean off my car.

At 3:30 am this morning I was pleased to see that the plow had been by at least once or twice, and other than having to brush off my car I could have left my driveway.    But I have no intention of leaving my driveway today.   I quickly brushed off the car, and came in for a hot coffee.

It is nice to muse about the “old daze”, going to school in a blizzard, because we could, and having all our sidewalks cleaned by a horse-drawn plow.   I wasn’t happy about it then, but now I feel that we didn’t have it too bad!  At least I have some very fond memories as I look out my office window in a snow daze.

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