3 Tips For De-cluttering Old Christmas Cards

One of the fastest ways to de-clutter your Christmas supplies is to cull through Christmas cards that you received.   I am not suggesting that you throw out this years cards.   However, you do not need to keep every card you have received during your adult life!  Here is my suggestions. 

  • Take all the envelopes with the return addresses on them and make sure your address book is updated.   Things happen from year to year and you need to keep up with these changes.  Once you have them all updated throw out the envelopes.  
  • Now take the cards and envelopes from last year and throw them out.  Also take any cards from all prior years and throw those out as well!  
  • Take this years cards and put them in a file folder or envelope and pack them away until next year to refresh your memory on who sent you a card.

Now I have to tell you that the idea for this blog came from my sister.   I just hope that she is following her own tip!

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