Tip On How To Handle Glut of Winter Coats

Empty HangersDo you have winter coats in hall closets, hanging on hooks in the garage, or in garment bags in attics?   Of course you do!  Once a coat is in the house we hate to part with it.  This is very common among Baby Boomers and Seniors because many of us are accustomed to going out every year and buying a new coat.   Every year, usually right after the holidays, the stores have some marvelous sales, and you know we cannot miss a great bargain!  

My tip to Baby Boomers, seniors, and anyone else who finds their closet, attics, or garages too full to hang up one more coat, start purging.   You can only wear one coat at a time, and often we keep going back to the same “old” coat that makes us comfortable.    Start with any coat you have hanging in the closet and ask the following questions; What condition is it in?  Is it clean? Does it fit?  When was the last time you wore it? Is it clean? Does the zipper work or are there any missing buttons?  Do not stop until the coat is not clean; sew on the missing buttons; have the zipper fixed; donate them to a homeless shelter!   Do this for each and every coat and jacket in the house. 

This project could take a few days, but do not give up!  It is much easier to do this ‘as you go’, because waiting only puts it off and you know that someday this needs to be done.   Do it now, you will feel good, and you will be helping people who desperately needs a coat, and now you have so much more closet space.

After it is finished, from now on when you shop at the after holiday sales and purchase a new coat, take the old coat and make sure everything is in good shape and make that donation.

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