No Fireplace To Hang Our Christmas Stockings!

Even though we lived in a wonderful old home, we had no fireplace.   This was a problem only at Christmas, because you need to hang your stocking on the fireplace mantle!   Well Dad and my Aunt Alice fixed this problem! They made a fireplace with a mantel, painted it brick red with white lines (the lines were not quite straight or in the proper spot but no one mentioned that!) it looked as “real” as possible.   They even painted logs and flames to further the illusion.  Christmas cards and evergreens decorated the mantle, and there were hooks for everyone’s Christmas stocking; 4 children, Mom and Dad, Grandma, and Aunt Alice.  The stockings were filled with small trinkets, toys and games but that was beside the point, it was all about the fireplace and the stockings and less about the small gifts – IT WAS FUN!   

 Around the holidays as we get older, we often look back and remember the way things were when we grew up.  We keep wishing that all those happy times could be relived.   I have said this before, we should honor the past traditions, create new ones, and bringing back the ones that have fallen by the wayside.   I am doing it, this year we are bringing back the Christmas Stockings! 

Even though I am now down to four people in our immediate family and we are all adults, we picked a name and we are filling a Christmas stocking for the chosen person.   There are new stockings, although I still have the old and tattered ones from years ago, and the stockings this year will be hung on the mantel of our wonderfully convenient gas fireplace that will be turned on as we sit around and open our stockings after breakfast on Christmas morning!

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