Is This Your Life? Three Suggestions Could Make A Difference!

There was an old TV show called This Is Your Life!  Is this your life?

Are you a Baby Boomer, with a spouse and children, work full-time, or have parents and older relatives you are care for?
Are you frustrated that you have too little time to spend with your family?
Are you afraid to take time off from work to deal with personal and family issues?
If these scenarios resemble parts of your life it does not have too!

Many of us of juggling many balls each and every day between work, family and trying to have a life.    When all the balls stay up in the air and in proper sequence then life is wonderful, and we feel invisible.  However, when one ball spins out of control and it drops to the floor, this is when the day starts in a downward spiral.   This is when you could use someone to run those errands that you were planning on doing, but now you have to work late on that special project.
  1. Investigate whether you could work from home 1 or 2 days a week.
  2. Many employers are amenable to 4 day work weeks.
  3. If all else fails investigate Concierge Services in your area, the cost of the service could be less than you think and will relieve a good deal of stress you are feeling.

These three options could reduce some of the stress and frustration you are having.

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