We All Have To Put Our Trash Out

I was scheduled to speak in Newport RI today about ‘Where Do I Begin To Downsize?‘  and, unfortunately,  it was cancelled.    Since it was a beautiful day and I had no other appointments scheduled, I felt like taking an afternoon ride around the fabulous homes and mansions of Newport.   It would do me good, so off I went to Newport!

It certainly put me in a better frame of mind.   Today was trash day in Newport RI and, almost without exception,  every one of the mansions and McMansions that line Ocean Drive had their barrels lining the street in front of their long, winding,  gated driveways.   I was reminded that, no matter how rich and famous you are or however big and elegant your home is you still have trash!

The more I thought about this the better I felt.   Even though the owners of those mansions, probably have all kinds of help to haul the trash to the street, they have the same bottles, cans, and junk  that I have.  Other than having a bigger and more affluent home and lifestyle they are no different from you and I.

This was a valuable insight for me today, because I have been dealing with a lot of my own trash lately — both junk and mental trash.   So today is trash day for me!  All the trash I have is going out today!   It is time for me to get rid of my actual clutter, AGAIN.   The  old catalogs, papers, and stuff that is hanging around cluttering up my space and subconsciously causing me aggravation – GONE!  Now I know how my clients feel when I work with them to clean out their clutter and trash.   It is also time to trash old and dated thoughts, anger and pet peeves – I AM LETTING THEM GO! WOW, what a great feeling to know that  things that bog you down can fairly easily be gone.

Baby Boomers rejoice!  If you are fortunate enough to live in an Active Adult Community, like I do,  you can haul your trash to a community dumpster, press the compact button, and away it goes.    Mental trash is a little harder to be rid of but, it can happen and the sooner the better.

Remember there  is always someone who will help you remove whatever clutter you need to deal with today.   Just remember we all have to put the trash out and we all have similar trash.   Yours is not any worse or better than your more affluent neighbors — it all smells after a while!

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