Life Was Simpler Or So It Seemed!

I love summer time!   As long as I can remember summer was my favorite season.   I’m not sure if it was because there was no school – as I really, really did not like school – but summer was always a very relaxing and carefree time for me.

Swimming at Walden Pond

I lived in, Concord MA, and it had a great recreation program that provided an organized summer playground (like a day camp) program.  There was staff and supervision for all the children along with organized activities – sports, crafts, and field trips– as well as plenty of free time to just play.   In addition, we were bused to the local pond (Thoreau’sWalden Pond) for swimming lessons.   It was great fun!

Every week day morning, off my sister and I would go to playground.   We would either walk or ride our bikes – it was about a mile.   Can you imagine letting kids do that today!    We walked or rode our bikes 4 times a day to and from playground – morning and afternoon.   Once a week, usually on Friday afternoon, we would each get dime, so we could stop at the store and buy a Popsicle on the way home.  

My family lived on Main Street, and had a huge, screened in front porch.   Very often my Mother would serve lunch and dinner on the porch.   It was cooler and there was no central air conditioning.   My Dad worked in a grocery store and would get home around 6 or 6:30 in the evening and when he got home; he would pile us in the car and take us for a swim at the local pond.   It was great fun on a hot, sticky night to go swimming and have this one to one time with my Dad.   Very often this swimming trip also included a stop at the local ice cream stand.   By the time we got home we were all cooled off and ready for bed!

My parents did not spend time chauffeuring us around to various places to keep us amused as the parents today seem to do.  Looking back on those years life seemed simpler than it is today, I was not pre-programmed or scheduled to do things throughout the day or week.   My time was pretty loosely put together.  I played, had fun, but nothing was overly expensive or organized.

Looking back on my summer’s as a kid it is no wonder that I fondly remember those times.   I still enjoy an occasional Popsicle, sitting on the front porch in the evening, going for a swim in a pond in the early evenings (particular on a very warm summer evening) and then stopping for an ice cream!   A great way to end a perfect summer day.

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