You know You Grew Up In . . . When You Remember!

It is funny how Face Book pages are springing up reminiscing about the good old days of growing up in your home town.  We are all looking back on them through rose color glasses, and fondly remembering things that we did way back when.  I am doing the very same thing and I really enjoy connecting with classmates and others who remember a kinder gentler time.

I remember when every Saturday morning we loaded up the car, in my case it was my Mother’s Rambler American, with trash for the weekly trip to the Town Dump.   The Dump, not politically correct now, was the place to go, be seen, to meet people, and to find precious worldly treasures.

Every politician running for office would do meet and greats at the dump!  Every organization with a cause to promote was at the dump passing out information or demonstrating for their cause.  You could always see and talk with someone you knew, whether you wanted to or not.

Then there were the people who would rummage through the items people dropped off looking for the treasure of the day.   You would be amazed and the people who were rummaging.   Looking back this isn’t such a bad idea.   Many good things have been tossed out in haste and found by people who were just browsing.

Today, I am finding that some well known charities have stopped accepting furniture and other household items.   It is becoming more difficult to find places for clients to donate or give away their valued possessions.   Although our environment no longer encourages open dumping, I fondly remember the “good old days” when I spent Saturday mornings at the Town Dump, shaking hands with politicians and the trash pickers!

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