Will I Have Room For My ______?

When I am at a client’s home, their most FAQ is “Will I have room for my wonderful Hummel’s or whatever the items might be?”  They have spent years collecting these items and they mean a great deal to them and not having them is going to make adjusting to the move more difficult than it all ready is.   Many times the answer is no, there is no room.  

I hate telling my clients NO.  They are my client and I pride myself on trying to find the best possible solutions to their problems.   I may able to resolve all the problems but at least I give it my best.   I continually try to find solutions and think outside the box.  

Three suggestions that may help solve and relieve some of my client’s anxiety are:

  1. I try to decide if there is room for a smaller quantity of the collection.  If there is a space for a small curio shelf (on the wall) or a cabinet in a corner. 
  2. I work with the client and select a ½ dozen items of the collection that are the very favorites, and they mean more than all the rest, and explain that a few could be displayed on the top of a chest of drawers, a hope chest, or one or two on a coffee table, and then find similar locations to group a few others around the new home.
  3. If the collection are larger pieces such as a grandfather clock and no matter what you do there is just no possible way it will fit in the new apartment, have a family member check with the facility and see if the piece could be loaned and displayed in one of the common areas.   This way the clients knows where it is and will see it daily, and it is still in the family.

Most of the time when there are many pieces that are similar in size, shape and design, one cannot fully appreciate the beauty and uniqueness of the collection.   So strategically selecting meaningful pieces of a collection will help satisfy many issues when downsizing and moving.

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