Back in the early ’90’s Beanie Babies were toted to be the next major collectible.   Everyone I know stood in line for hours to purchase the next latest, greatest, and cutest Beanie Babies to have for their collection.    Well many years later when our fellow Baby Boomers start thinking of downsizing and possibily moving into smaller housing we head to our basements and attitics only to find the dozens of plastic storage bins full of Beanie Babies.    

The big question is are they valuable?  Can I sell them and make money?   If not what do I do with them?  There is no short answer to these questions.   You may be the lucky 1 in 1000 people who have a true collectible that is worth some money on ebay.   But for the most part they are not worth anything.   At most you might get $1 or $2 at a yard sale.  

So what can you do with them?   This weekend when the family gathers for the annual family reunion, summer cookout, etc., drag out the beanie babies and use them as prizes.   Have a Karaoke contests and everyone gets a beanie baby for a prize!    Make a big deal out of each prize and make everyone feel that they received something really special!  Because they have, these beanie babies were bought with great love and expectations and were very special to you.   Now you are passing them along. 

By doing this you will start your downsizing, have fun, and everyone will go home with prizes.   Everyone, especially you, will be happy with their day!


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